Glass, by Sano

The first-ever meal tracking smart glasses.


Fashion forward design meets cutting edge technology.

Automatic Meal Tracking

Automatically records every meal and snack with precision, thanks to cutting-edge imaging and AI technology.

12-Hour Battery Life

Keep pace with your day, from breakfast to dinner, on a single charge.

Health Insights

Gain valuable insights into your dietary patterns, nutritional intake, and overall wellness.

Effortlessly sync

Instant Insight

Effortlessly sync your Glass with the Sano app to unlock a comprehensive overview of your daily nutrition and health metrics. A seamless interface presents your data clearly, turning complex information into actionable insights.

Detailed macros

Nutrition at a Glance

Dive into your dietary habits with detailed views of your macronutrients and calorie intake. The app simplifies tracking, making it easy to stay on top of your goals and adjust your diet for optimal health.

Meal Breakdown

Every Bite, Broken Down

Explore the specifics of what you've eaten with detailed meal breakdowns. Our advanced technology provides an in-depth analysis, offering a closer look at your nutrition beyond the surface level.

How it Works

Step 1: cAPTURE

Effortless Monitoring

Glass uses a motion sensor and built-in camera to periodically sample images, detecting when you're eating a meal or snacking. This unobtrusive process ensures accurate meal tracking without interrupting your day.

step 2: SYNC

Seamless Integration

With a simple sync to your smartphone, the Sano app utilizes advanced computer vision models to analyze your meals, breaking them down into nutrients, calories, and macronutrients, all logged automatically.


Dive Deeper

Review your total caloric intake, individual macros, and health metrics within the app. Our intuitive interface allows for a deep dive into your dietary habits, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed health decisions.

Download the Sano App

Try the full potential of Sano for yourself with our demo app. Effortlessly log your calories with a single snap.

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